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Often, lawyers who represent social security disability claimants simply file their application, or if the application has been filed, merely submit forms to become the claimant’s representative and then do nothing else on the case until the case is set for hearing. Getting to a hearing can often take up to a year or more. Social Security makes two initial decisions on a case before it is ever set for hearing.

At ADAG, we begin work on your claim at the time the application is filed. We want to get you approved for the benefits you need and deserve as soon as possible. While some cases will still need to go to a hearing, our goal is to get your claim approved at the earliest possible stage and, if your claim must go to a hearing, to get you that hearing as soon as possible. At ADAG, your claim will be handled by an attorney from the start. Other national firms or companies that represent social security disability claimants operate as call centers where an attorney never looks at your case until shortly before a hearing. You may never talk to an attorney until just before your hearing. Some of these firms or companies contract with a local attorney who his paid a small amount to simply attend the hearing.

ADAG is local, based in central Arkansas, an attorney will work on your case at each stage and will communicate with you on an ongoing basis and we will do everything we can to get the best decision from Social Security in the shortest possible time.

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Bankruptcy is a legal and moral option for those that are overburdened with debt. Modern bankruptcy laws are based on Biblical principles. Under Biblical law, debts were forgiven at the end of seven years. Under U.S. law, a debtor may only receive a discharge of debts in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy once every (8) years. By including the right to make bankruptcy laws in the U.S. Constitution, the founding fathers recognized the importance of providing a means for the discharge of debts for those who are unable to pay.

Modern bankruptcy laws allow debtors to keep certain property when they file bankruptcy. This gives debtors a fresh start. Getting rid of overwhelming debt through bankruptcy followed by responsible financial behavior can allow you to eventually establish and maintain good credit. Bankruptcy will result in an initial and probably dramatic decrease in credit scores but within a couple of years after discharge an individual who manages their credit wisely can be on their way to a very solid credit score. Bankruptcy can be a step to building a strong financial future.

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