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Caring Arkansas Attorneys Represent Your Rights in the Healthcare System

Responsive law firm provides advice and advocacy to patients and doctors in the Bryant area

The healthcare system in the United States is bound by a set of complex laws and regulations that are subject to change. That means consumers need to know their rights and responsibilities when accessing healthcare, and medical professionals must recognize when they need skilled legal counsel to represent their interests. At Skelton & Stevens Legal Group, PLLC, we are dedicated to keeping up to date on the changing laws that affect patients and physicians in the Bryant area and throughout Arkansas so that we can provide skilled legal counsel. We draw upon our in-depth knowledge of the medical profession, health insurance and government agencies and our experience representing consumers and providers to resolve the healthcare issues affecting them.

Compassionate Arkansascounselors advocate for patients’ rights

Patients have substantial rights under federal law. When your rights are violated by an insurance company or a medical professional, you have a right to seek the legal remedies available to you. We effectively negotiate with insurance companies, medical professionals and government organizations to develop equitable solutions to your healthcare conflicts. If litigation is the most appropriate means of resolving your dispute, we apply our skills in the courtroom to protect your rights. We assist clients throughout Arkansas with legal issues involving:

  • Appeals of insurance decisions
  • Private insurance, including HMOs, PPOs and disability
  • Long-term and nursing-home care
  • Federal programs, including Medicaid and Medicare
  • Rights under laws, such as PPACA
  • Malpractice claims

When you or a loved one is ill, your focus should be on getting the treatment you require, not on battling insurers or health providers. We provide patients with the guidance and advocacy they need when they’re faced with legal issues in healthcare matters.

Dedicated Arkansas firm advises medical professionals on regulatory compliance

Doctors are trained to provide medical treatments to their patients, not to handle the legal issues that may arise from that treatment, but they are responsible for complying with the law and the many regulations that govern the medical field. At Skelton & Stevens Legal Group, PLLC, we employ our in-depth, current knowledge of the healthcare system and the relevant laws to ensure you remain in compliance with regulations and aware of legal issues related to:

  • PPACA — Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act
  • HIPAA — Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act
  • HITECH — Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health
  • Medicaid
  • Medicare
  • Pharmaceuticals and prescriptions
  • Licensure and safety
  • Business and billing practices
  • Whistleblower statutes

As experienced litigators, we understand that your ability to continue practicing depends on complying with state, federal and regulatory rules. We provide advice to doctors, other medical providers, and hospitals and skilled nursing facilities to ensure your treatment protocols and handling of insurance matters are in compliance. We also represent your rights in any legal action in which noncompliance is alleged.

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At Skelton & Stevens Legal Group, PLLC, we provide compassionate representation to patients and medical professionals in a wide range of healthcare law matters. Call us at 501-475-1099 or contact us online to schedule a consultation at our Bryant office.

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