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Did you know that, in the last 15 years, more than 6 million Americans lost their homes through foreclosure? In many states throughout the country, countless homeowners are specifically burdened by medical debt, and an unfortunately large percentage of these medical issues were caused by a disability.

The result is that millions of Americans with disabilities are overwhelmed by medical bills but have no way to pay these immense debts back. To make matters worse, mortgage lenders often take advantage of this situation by foreclosing these victims’ houses. Fortunately, however, our experienced team at the Skelton & Stevens Legal Group is determined to help you get financial freedom. All you need to do is get in touch with our compassionate foreclosure lawyers in Arkansas.

How Bankruptcy Can Stop Foreclosure

If you’re struggling with several types of debt, bankruptcy might be the right option for you. Chapter 13 bankruptcy is specifically beneficial for debtors who are struggling to keep their homes.

Like all forms of bankruptcy, Chapter 13 triggers an automatic stay, which orders debt collectors to stop attempting to collect payments in any way. This includes foreclosure proceedings. During the course of your 3-5-year Chapter 13 plan, you can catch up on late mortgage payments and effectively save your home from foreclosure.

Chapter 7, unfortunately, is not as effective in stopping foreclosure. This is because it is a much faster proceeding, and you will need to be completely caught up on payments by the end of the 4-6-month process. Bankruptcy cannot discharge mortgage debt, which is why Chapter 13 is a great opportunity to get caught up while discharging other types of debt, like medical bills.

Can My Disability Benefits Be Taken During a Foreclosure?

Thankfully, your disability benefits are protected by the Social Security Act, which means there is no way that foreclosure can take them from you. Our compassionate and knowledgeable lawyers can also give you specific clarification by showing you exactly where the law defends your benefits, even against the most aggressive creditors.

In the United States today, healthcare is incredibly expensive, and very few can afford the treatment and long-term care they need without becoming overwhelmed with debt. Unfortunately, many Americans with disabilities don’t know about the powerful legal tools that can help reduce this debt and prevent foreclosure. With support from our empathetic foreclosure attorneys in Arkansas, however, you can take the first steps toward financial freedom.

Call us today at (501) 271-3811 so our knowledgeable attorneys can stop foreclosure in its tracks.

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